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    Whether your company is planning to invest in Brazil or needs expert advice…

    We support the international growth of your Business, connecting it to strategic partnerships or experts, through our extensive network in Brazil and Latin America

    What are the Benefits of our Expert Network?

    Validate product hypothesis


    Explore new markets and trends

    Investigate new technologies 


    Strike down bad ideas quickly

    Understand unfamiliar geographies

    Perform Due Diligence on M&A opportunities

    Better understand and solve key operational challenges

    Explore adjacent segments and markets


    Alternative way to obtain relevant information for Business Intelligence


    Carefully chosen Experts able to properly  provide insights or participate on specific projects


    Validate researches and studies through interviews and surveys with Experts


    Find and Identify strategic partnerships for operations in unexplored locations

    Why our Expert Network ?

      In a constantly changing globalized market environment, it is more than necessary having fast access to relevant and accurate market information. Through Accurate-Insight you can be connected to highly qualified professionals (Experts) from the most diverse industries and functions.

    Accurate-Insight is focused on Brazil and Latin America (also covering North America and Western Europe). Through our services and customized solutions, we are able to provide the most adequate Consultative Advice for your business, project or investment.


    How we Work


      Accurate-insight’s mission is to find the appropriate partners for your foreign operation, and to provide insights to the decision-making process to a vast range of industries through dynamic Expert Consultive Advice and other services.

     Our Expert Network connects Your Business, with Global Experts, and Potential Partners from the most varied industries both in Brazil and Latin America, in order to empower you with valuable, unique and guaranteed partnerships and specific market information.

      Projects can be customized according to your needs, regarding any given area, in order to properly solve issues, adapting it to every new scenario, process, trend or situation of a constant mutating market environment.

      Our project managers and analysts are skillfully trained to find in our database and through research methods, the most adequate experts and partners to your demands, ensuring precise insights, information, knowledge and strategic partners for your business, project or investment.

      We aim to empower not only your business intelligence and investments decisions, but your business as a whole.


    Who are our Clients ?



    Ex:Management Consultancies, Boutique Consulting Firms, Audit, Tax and Advisory Service Providers, Transactional Service Providers, Marketing Agencies and many others.


    -Market Overview and upcoming Trends

    -Competitive Assessment

    -Benchmarking and Best Practices

    -Regulatory Affairs

    -Gain Knowledge of New Markets, Segments and Trends

    -Research and Survey validation with market professionals


    Private Equity Funds, Venture Capital Funds, Hedge Funds, Asset Management Companies,  Investment Banks and many others.



    -Market Screening

    -Due Diligence

    -Portfolio Supports for Merge & Acquisition (M&A)

    -Macroeconomic Outlook

    -Aid for post-acquisition organizational restructuring

    -Trend Analysis

    – Customized Projects


    Consumer Goods, Energy & Utilities,  Healthcare, Industrials & Transportation, Material & Natural Resources, TME, Comex, Telecommunications, Technological, Payment services and many others


    -Market Overview and upcoming Trends

    -Competitive Assessment

    -Benchmarking and Best Practices

    -Regulatory Affairs

    -Processes Improvement

    -Operational Excellence

    -Assistance for Merge & Acquisition (M&A) Evaluation

    -Innovation Scouting

    Experts from various Industries and Functions

    Financial Institutions

    Consulting Services Firms

    Energy & Infrastructure



    Natural Resources & Raw Materials

    Consumer Goods


    Family Businesses & SME

    Technology & Startups

    Public Policy & Regulatory affairs

    Supply Chain

    Oil & Gas

    Transaction and Payment services

    Media & Telecom

    Healthcare & Science

    Services & Solutions

    phone-callAASAExpert Call

      Gain valuable information and critical insights from Market Leaders (Experts) of your segment, judiciously selected according to your specific needs, in order to provide you specific knowledge, deepen your strategic understanding or solve adversities in your business, project or investment, in a dynamic and intelligent way.

    find-a-partner-in-brazil Find a Partner in Brazil

    Find a Local Partner for a Brazilian Operation.

    Accurate-insight provides you access to potential partner companies that would perfectly fit as a local partner for your business. For this service, Accurate-insight acts as a trade intermediary, able to identify and approach potential customers, and thus, initiate and conduce your entrance into the Brazilian Market. ”Find a Partner in Brazil” is a simple and fast way to explore the Brazilian (and Latin American) Market, seeking local companies, who can assist on the growth of customers in new markets. The service consists in the research and further contact and verification of a mutual interest to make business with potential commercial partners, as well as potential investors, suppliers, distributors, customers, among others.


    Expert Investment Insights & Reports

    Specific critical insights Services for Investments and Acquisitions, which serve as the basis and support for a better decision-making to the ‘Financial Institutions “(Investment and Investment Related Firm). It is necessary make it clear, this service is not about gaining inside information, on the contrary; this service is about obtaining detailed overviews and forecasts of any given industry, function or company, from a non-employee expert, in the moment that predates a possible acquisition, investment or initial interest approach.

    Accurate-insight works with a strong compliance policy, that excludes the possibility of any conflict of interest, to be barely close to happen during the expert consultation process.


    Customized Projects

       Taylor-made projects for clients (generally Startups, and Small Medium Businesses) that are not familiarized to consult through Expert Network services.  To make it easier, we directly participate of the scope creation, helping our clients to better establish critical issues to be solved and specific subjects where insights want to be gained. After that, the desired profile (experience, specific segment knowledge and seniority) for the experts are defined, and your business will be ready to start taking profit of the many benefits that can be obtained through Expert Calls or through other services and solutions offered by Accurate-Insight.


    Keynote Speaker & Workshop Services

      Accurate-Insight also provides Keynote Speaker services and temporary jobs placements, as well as experts from the most varied industries and segments, that due to their recognized expertise and specific knowledge, are able do conduce workshops and update classes for your employees, internally.